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The Pennies Dropping

Gordon Brown talking about a new Marshall Plan for the developing world. Bush and Clinton touring the disaster sites TOGETHER. Colin Powell and JEB BUSH doing the same. The IMF and the World Bank issuing statements of almost open support.

Now no-one wants to carp. And the reality is that there is no alternative for these guys other than to put this one over big. When the news broke on Boxing Day, the console of the White House press office must have lit up like a panto set. OPPORTUNITY OF THE CENTURY ALERT.
In your face Osama. Would the 'Great Satan' do this? Or This?
The sub-editors of the world are ready with the headline: GREAT NEW DAWN FOR WORLD, says Bush. And who is he to let them down?

If this is the way it has to happen, then fair enough. But can it happen? Is a new Marshall Plan enough? Didn't that rather depend on there still being a Third World for its beneficiaries to exploit? Who will the new beneficiaries exploit? How will a new Marshall Plan succeed in the same economic system that created the Third World?

So the question for the kleptocrats is, how far are you willing to go?

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