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Fear More Years U.S.

Fear More Years!
posted 11/03, by Little Richardjohn Add IM (viewed 12 times) Scope : National
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This country is in a state of terror, appropriately enough.
You only have to read some of the posts on these boards to get the acid reek of insecurity.
The standard response to any attempt to discuss the political mechanics of issues like the war, healthcare or the economy is to lapse into mindless sloganising. God Bless George Bush! Our Great Leader!
I swear it's like Stalinist Russia out there.
It is hysteria which elected George Bush. He is the ultimate face of negative politics. And there are no reasons to assume that the resulting policies will be any less deformed.
The really chilling impression is that Americans seem to have surrendered their intellectual responsibility to Bush. He is the 'Man We Trust'. Whatever he says is not just right but true. He is now their brain as well as their political hand.
And as for the theory that this was a great triumph for democracy because of the high turnout, forget it. A vote out of terror is not democracy, it is rabble-rousing. It is a lynch-mob.
A high turnout delivered us Chancellor Hitler.
Trite? I don't think so. Now is as good a time as any to raise ultimate comparisons, unless the laws of political power have been re-written in the last week.
Bush now has a total stranglehold on the administration. The senate, the House, the judiciary. Everything for the next two years at least. He can do what he likes, and will.
What he will do is anyone's guess, but it will be dedicated to one core strategy, scaring the pants off the American public as often and as much as necessary. This will keep them obedient and focussed on the things that matter to George Bush.
America is not a country any more but a tacky fairground horror ride for children and yokels who will buy anything with varnish on.
The Bin Laden video worked. Bin Laden is the winner of this race. He is now guaranteed an enemy and a propaganda Hate Figure for another four years. One that will do exactly what he wants, as he has all along.

Article: Fear More Years! posted 11/03, by skypod (viewed : 9)
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It wasn't bin Laden who won the election for Bush, but the liberal attitude of Kerry.

posted 11/03, by Little Richardjohn Add IM (viewed : 9)
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Which is exactly why Bin Laden didn't want him as his opponent.
Which is why he released his video.
America's irrational fear of rational debate (what you label 'liberalism' and the rest of the world calls 'being grown up') has delivered Bin Laden his main propaganda weapon and recruiting tool for the next five years, and landed the American people with a punitive domestic regime which will lose them their jobs, degrade their savings, devalue their homes, bankrupt them when they are ill and possibly bankrupt the country and cause it to disintegrate into its constituent states, which would demolish it as a super-power - especially when Russia starts trading oil in euros rather than dollars. Who you gonna turn to then? Tony Blair? He's all you've got left and he'll be gone in two years.
Happy now? feel more secure now?

posted 11/03, by skypod (viewed : 5)
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Yes, I'm happy!
Perhaps this will send a message to the Democrats and Libertarian Party that they are out of sync with the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and American values, and promote a change in their platforms.
-- Mrs. Melissa Seaman,

posted 11/03, by Little Richardjohn Add IM (viewed : 1)
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You want a message?
The message it sends is that America is a monolithic, money-obsessed, rapacious tyranny with no tolerance of difference or misfortune, whose only joy is in the suffering of a defeated enemy and whose only ambition is to create more enemies so that it can continue enjoying its fix. A nation which doesn't have a heart but a swinging brick. A piece of flint.
The dry bones of the constitution and its ideals are crumbling before your eyes and you're happy.
That is what is wrong with America. It hates itself.

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