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It is high time for a campaign of Mass Blasphemy to highlight the widespread shame felt among the rational public that we live in a society which still accomodates such medieval mumbo jumbo. Time for a leading intellectual magazine, for instance, to commission a multi-blasphemous emblem for its masthead and wear it with defiant, rationalist pride. For a cartoon depicting Abraham, Christ and Mohammed, rising ghoulishly from an open grave, talons aloft, wailing:
Time for a popular anthem which rejects the religious degradation of human life in a form which offends all religions equally. Time for a mass demonstration against the ridiculous state subsidisation of religion, which effectively takes away the choice of parents not to have their children subjected to this mind-poison from an early age. Time for a government which does not turns a blind eye to the blatant corruption which occurs when a business relying on anonymous cash donations is not subject to any serious form of fiscal scrutiny, effectively turning them into money-laundering machines.
The drug and prostitution industries of south London would have been very foolish not to have benefited from the proliferation of this sort of service over the years.
Just tax religion properly and much of the need for a blasphemy law would wither away. Churches are subsidised branches of the financial services industry (and probably always have been)and should be put on an equal footing with their competition across the river from Lambeth Palace.

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