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7.30 PM

Nearest tube: Euston.

Tariq Ali , Tony Benn, George Galloway MP, Lindsey German (Stop the War), Sally Hunt (UCU), Hugh Lanning, Jeremy Corbyn MP, British Muslim Initiative speaker, Palestinian speaker.

650 killed. Over 3000 injured. Nowhere in Gaza is safe as Israel bombs schools, ambulances, mosques and residential tower blocks. No electricity, half the country with no water, food very scarce, hospitals unable to cope with the consequences of Israel’s barbarity, severe shortage of
medical supplies – a London Rally calling for this massacre to stop now has been organised by Stop the War and Palestine solidarity campaign on Thursday 8 January, at 7.30 pm.

If you live in the London area come and here Tony Benn, Tariq Ali, George Galloway MP and other speakers voice their anger and outrage over Israel’s war crimes and the collective punishment of Palestinian civilians trapped in Gaza, and to discuss what we in Britain can do to help bring this carnage to an end.


Prior to the London Rally, there will be a stewards planning meeting at 6pm in Friends Meeting House, Euston, for people who have volunteered to help us steward Saturday’s national demonstration in London. All stewards are urged to attend this planning meeting.

If you would like to help steward on Saturday, attend the stewards planning meeting or email your contact details to or call 020 7278 6694.

Map: Nearest tube: Euston.



(Nearest tube Marble Arch) Rally & speakers in Hyde park

MARCH TO ISRAELI EMBASSY High St Kensington, London W8

Anyone with a shred of humanity who watches the video we feature below will do all they can to join the national
demonstration in London this Saturday 10 January, and will encourage everyone they know to be there too.

In the video a Norwegian doctor working in a Gaza hospital he calls "Dante's Inferno, hell", describes how Palestinians - particularly the children, who are 50 percent of the population - are dying and suffering horrific injuries for the crime of being civilians living in Gaza. "They cannot flee as other populations can in war time because Israel has them trapped in a cage," he says.



Zionist Slaughter of Refugee Children

Reports coming through of scores of dead in a UN-run school in a refugee camp in Gaza. Zionist aoplogists will no doubt claim that they were terrorists, as they were killed. This is the Catch 22 logic which has now infested Zionism and, more worryingly, the rest of Israeli political ideology.

This was inevitable, especially since the IDF proved yesterday that it cannot even identify its own troops, let alone invisible terrorists. If it is unable to avoid targeting its own ground troops, how can it avoid targeting civilians in one of the most densely populated countries on earth. The entire Israeli propaganda front lies in ruins except to its apologists and dogmatists. It isn't just the lies and doublethink, but the flint-faced Israeli gloating which has outraged the clean world.

To use words like 'Nazi' about the perpetrators of these atrocities is not unreasonable. Zionism is merely another form of extreme nationalism, like national socialism and Those sensitive to the parallel should stick to using their calculators to check the numbers of the dead on each side, since their human emotions are uninstalled at present.

Meanwhile, in direct breach of the Geneva Treaty of 1980, the IDF has resorted to using phosphorus shells.
"These explosions are fantastic looking, and produce a great deal of smoke that blinds the enemy so that our forces can move in," said one Israeli security expert.


$ex $ells - Kids Suffer

Two cheers to BBC's Panorama for reporting the sexual abuse of children by children, and for highlighting the increased sexualisation of children by the media, and also for pointing out the role of sexual abuse as a means of domination - rather than the 'natural overflowing of suppressed adolescent sexual tension'. Or however else that excuse for violence is phrased.
Michelle Elliot, from the anti-bullying charity Kidscape, says that "sexual bullying has almost become a way of asserting your power over others and for that reason it is disturbing".
Responsibly, Panorama did did not try to lay the blame for this form of abuse, or the responsibility for its prevention, at the door of parents. But typically, it did not examine the commercialisation of sex. The fact that without using sex to sell everything from soap to nukes, there would be comparatively little of it in the media for children to be exposed to, and neither would their notion of what sex is be as perverted by competitive values as it now so clearly is.
Last Spring, I was shocked to hear that my little nephew had been exposed to pornographic images on another child's mobile phone in his rather proper little school in the depths of Wales. He was 7. His parents carefully explained as much as they could, and he does not seem to have forgotten about the whole thing. But constant exposure of children to this kind of poison cannot be tolerated.
Apparently though, the media are very prepared to tolerate the the blatant exploitation of children for sexual purposes in countries like Thailand, as long as it is camouflaged within the influential tourist industry, which buys lots of advertising space.
And to its shame, the BBC inadvertently condoned this same commodification in the way it exploited Vietnam in its recent 'Top Gear Special'. That programme depicted Vietnam as the next Thailand. A land of mystical scenery and friendly locals where made-to-measure silk suits could be bought for peanuts. Where every whim of the westener could be catered for.
And mention this fact on the messageboard of a supposedly liberal media organisation like the Guardian, and you are likely to be censored for your trouble.
It seems that it it not merely tories who have problems with freedom of speech.

Wedgewood Goes To Pot

Waterford Wedgewood has suspended its stock units from trading on the Irish Stock Exchange after going into receivership.
For the company originally founded by Josiah Wedgewood to now suffer the consequences of Consumerism is indeed another cycle completed. Wedgewood was one of the founders of industrial Britian. The Henry Ford of his day, and just as crucial to the history of mass production. Perhaps the fact that, unlike Henry Ford, he managed to retain some degree of social responsibility planted a humanitarian flaw in the company which eventually caused its downfall - but since the company founded by the disgusting animal Ford would have died last month without the Nanny State, it would seem that Consumerism might not always favour the ruthless and unscrupululous after all.


The Fraud of Tory Free Speech

Prominent, vastly over-rated and over-sponsored tory boy-blogger Iain Dale threatened to ban me from his blog today.

'I have no hesitation in calling you an anti semitic racist. You could be nothing else judging by your use of Lebensraum and Master race when talking about Israel. Any further such comments will result in a ban."
The braindead con of calling all anti-zionists anti-semites again? 'All Anti-Racists Are Racists'.
This proves that tory pretence to free speech is nothing but a giant fraud. But also completely undermines the over-exposed bag of hot air which is '
Iain Dale's Diary.' His petulance reinforces everything every thinking person knows about the tory mentality.
Zionists do not represent Judaism, but merely a fascistic set of territorial demands derived from a mythical golden age and authenticated by a divine entity. Just like the Nazis and every other form of extreme nationalism. Most Jews are revolted by their reactionary cruelty. And even religious fundamentalists are examining the religious credentials of the creed.
 Dale's threats of censorship are typical of the bogus claims to libertarianism of the right wing. As bogus as Zionist claims that 'there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza', or that they are able to 'target' terrorists in one of the the densely populated states on earth. But what else can we expect from someone subsidised by Israel?
Ban me from a tory hate sheet? It won't be the first time, and I'd consider it a privilege.
He pathetically squeals that Gaza is less densely populated than Portsmouth. As if that made any difference, or was an excuse for murderous nationalism such as Zionism. Which has proved to be just as toxic a fantasy as Nazism, Jihad, Greater Serbia, and the Irish Hall Of Kings. Cramming all the world's Jews into land occupied by generations of Palestinians was always an illogical and impossible objective, which is why it is now the most illegal state on the planet in terms of UN resolutions and requires massive subsidies from the US to exist at all.
It is clear that to Dale, a vengeance rate of 100 to one is quite acceptable to maintain this nightmare. This is a moral and intellectual surrender on a grand scale. But since when do tories have morals? There's simply no money in morals. Ask any of them to name an industrial dispute in which the workers were right to take action against their owners. There will be a long silence because tory dogma holds that the Boss always knows best.

But it seems that not all Tories are like the dreary Dale in every respect.
Israel has Gone Too Far and Will Pay a Heavy Price

Vince Cable Calls For Banking Strike To Be Broken

Spectator Award Winner Vince Cable, the British politician most widely respected for his Crunch-Awareness has finally woken up to the stark truth of the Banking Strike, and called for it to be broken. A bit late in the day, true, and over three months behind even this blog, but not bad for a liberal democrat.
It is high time that the business of providing credit was removed from short term market pressures and delivered in a rational manner. Those who distribute capital have no more right to expect to be showered in wealth than a doctor or fireman.

bank strike


The BBC Spits In The Face of Vietnam

The BBC's Top Gear proudly announces its Xmas Special - another expensive jolly holiday for Jezza & Co, on which they can sneer at the natives and admire the sunsets while playing schoolboy tricks on each other for the amusement of the backpacking and sex-tourist audience.
We wait 30 years for a decent TV documentary on Vietnam, and then none comes along all at once. What a responsible team of journalists could have done with the budget of this obscene farce we will never know. Perhaps the BBC might now consider a proper documentary on this ravaged country, unless, of course, the Americans might get annoyed and kick up a fuss.
Like almost every inch of film shot about Vietnam, this merely served the needs of its one time aggressors. Vietnam is there for our amusement. Another potential Thailand. A mecca for sex-tourists and other consumer perverts - as defended by the popular press in thios country, including even the likes of the Guardian, if the posts allowed on their obscene messageboards are anything to go by.
At best, western media coverage of Vietnam is merely a way of mourning Western losses. So far the BBC has never had the guts to tackle the question of Vietnam from the point of view of the Vietnamese and broadcast it at a time and on a channel where it will be seen. A half hour report at 3am on the World Service will not do.

'Dear Tehran, Please Build Nuclear Bombs.' Yours, Israel.

It is one of the worst jokes of history that the Zionist objective has always been to make Lebensraum for its biblically sanctioned Master Race. The current butchery by the Israeli F16s against the home made fireworks of Hamas is delivering a vengeance ratio of 1/100 on the Gazan ghetto, and is therefore raising the stakes to nuclear levels. This ratio is the kind of vengeance extorted by the Nazis against the resistance they met in the countries they occupied and terrorised. Or the Americans in Vietnam, for that matter. No doubt the Israelis learned their tactics from their bigger brothers.
As in the massacre of Lebanon, this has not only secured even more support for Hamas among the desperate Gazan population which elected them in the first place, but has also brought nuclear war in the middle east another step closer. The idea being to provoke WMD development in Iran, and a 'justified' pre-emptive strike with US backing.
Again, it remains to be seen whether the new US regime is merely another liberal paper tiger, or whether it can take a hard line with Israel in the name of humanity and justice.
Luckily, Zionism is not Judaism, and even luckier, most Jews are not Zionists.
The failure of Zionism to acknowledge the right of the Palestinians to a homeland exposes their hypocrisy, and their actions exposes them as nothing better than murderers. If they are ever to gain any moral credibility over their fanatical Islamic counterparts, they will have to act less like the Nazis who created them. They have to stop being terrorists, and start acting like a civilised state. If Britain had reacted against the IRA attacks of the 1970's with a tenth of the obscene, insane, brutal vengeance of Israel, we would still be counting the dead every month.

As MJ Rosenberg, Director of Israel Policy Forum's Washington Policy Centre says:
'But one thing is certain--this war is unlikely to bring peace any closer. In fact, I believe that the pictures Arabs and Muslims worldwide are seeing of the attacks on Gaza may push that day so far into the future that none of us will see it.
Meanwhile, Israel's role in the emergence of Hamas is conveniently forgotten.
"Israel and Hamas may currently be locked in deadly combat, but, according to several current and former U.S. intelligence officials, beginning in the late 1970s, Tel Aviv gave direct and indirect financial aid to Hamas over a period of years. Israel 'aided Hamas directly – the Israelis wanted to use it as a counterbalance to the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization),' said Tony Cordesman, Middle East analyst for the Center for Strategic [and International] Studies. Israel's support for Hamas 'was a direct attempt to divide and dilute support for a strong, secular PLO by using a competing religious alternative,' said a former senior CIA official."