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Up Yours, God

GOD POSTER1 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

At last a counter to the massive, constant technicolor advertising campaign waged on behalf of the dozens of bronze age cosmologies competing for our 'souls'. A little debate on a rather despised corner of a website, with a clear idea which only needed a small donation from enough people to give it legs. Or in this case, wheels on the also much-despised London Bendy Bus.
At present, the 'Atheist Bus Campaign' is relatively mild-mannered. Should further action be necessary, the next stage should be a full scale multi-blasphemous cartoon, or Photoshop composite, of Jehovah, Christ and Mohammed leering from an open grave, talons and fangs drawn, wailing
'We want to drink your blood!'
It is probably too late now to do much to make up the ground lost when Salman Rushdie was forced into hiding, but this campaign is a start, and another sign that the internet can be used for sane causes.

The point of atheism is not to 'prove' that god doesn't exist but to avoid getting sucked into a pointless row about something nobody can ever prove - by its very nature. And then to use all that time and effort for something useful and beautiful. Life, for instance. Atheism is not a belief in anything, but an absence of a specific belief. Until a reason to believe comes along.
Religion and its accompanying pantomime exchange is the Grand Historical Diversionary Tactic of all time. It is not a debate, as there are no facts or certainties other than those resulting from 'faith', or fantasy, as it should be called. At best it is a hobby for those who see themselves above the challenges of this life and would rather be dead, or as close as they can get to it without a PhD.
At worst, the time wasted is alone a constant act of bloody sabotage against civilisation. Without even counting the wars.

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