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Fight For Children's Right To Hate

Apparently, insane parents and assorted blowhards in the backwater ditch of Bogford on Sylt are outraged that their children are being instructed not to take part in the local traditions of Gippo-Baiting and Pikey-Bashing.

'This is our culture, it was beaten into me by my father, as it was into his, and so on and so forth for hundreds of years, so we will not be brainwashed by the likes of that Russell Brand and that Jonathan Ross with their slick city ways and radio broadcasts which I never heard. It's a proud heritage and we will defend it until we run away.
Everyone knows that if you tell kids not to murder, steal and cheat, that's the first thing they will do. I object to the council turning my kids into thugs by teaching them morality. I was always beaten senseless at school and it did me no harm.
said a maniac.
Speaking on channel 5s The Wright Stuff today, hilarious Tory court jester Short-Arse Specky-Four-Eyes Dirty-Dutch Clogface Holland said.

'Asking children not to bully gyppos is actually incredibly patronising to the dirty thieving tykes, and against the teachings of our lord. They make absolutely no effort to assimilate to our ways, that's their problem. They only have themselves to blame. What we need in schools is more religion and discipline and native British hooligan culture, not this political correctness gone mad. In Italy they know how not to patronise to gypsies. We should take a leaf out of their book. Being a proud, independent race of scroungers, Gypsies don't like to be patronised. It shows a disrespect for their primitive value-system.
'Local Democracy Week' indeed. Did you ever hear of anything so anti-British?' Some of my best friends are tax-evaders.'
So basically, this gang of knuckle-dragging thugs and their media cheerleaders are demanding their children's Right To Bully. What David Cameron has to say about it, we don't yet know.
 Given that a traveller site was planned for the area, the workshop in question was a thoroughly responsible effort to prevent friction between communities. A decent act by one council committee with some forethought. A Conservative council, no less. And this is the thanks they get from the Daily Mail. As the comments from less paedophobic, bigoted, less thug-worshipping cultures on the Mail article show, the rest of the world simply cannot understand why teaching children not to hate is a problem.
Isn't that the point of education, if all else fails? Over to you, David Cameron, with your big talk about 'community'. Let's see if you know what it means.
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