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Daily Mail Censorship

After posting the advice below on the Daily Mail's website ('ARE WE GETTING A FAIR DEAL FROM OUR NEW STATE-OWNED BANKS? - have your say') I discovered to my surprise that I had my opinions had been banned. You can say anything you like on the Mail, as long as it's harmless pap. Whereas its attack dog columnists can stir up as much hate as they want, and put real people's lives in danger and be paid a fortune to do so.
The Mail has nothing to say about this crisis, being one of the main causes of it.
Its rampant promotion of the property debt over the last ten years has made it a fortune, the miles of advertising for thousands of get-rich-quick property scams probably kept it on the newsstands in the face of overall falling sales.
It is part of the problem, with no advice to offer. Anything it has to say, other than a grovelling apology, is simply more evidence of its staggering hypocrisy, and its shameless deception of the British people.
While the scum at the Mail and Sun and other shitrags can continue making millions from lies, the job begun by the collapse of the banks cannot be finished. After all, the media were as much to blame for this fine mess as the banks and the debt-traders. They were the propaganda ministry for the new 1,000 year Property Reich, without their constant lies and manipulation of democracy, the property fetish would still have been seen by most for the sad perversion it is.

In the public interest, there must be a law regulating the ratio of advertising to content in all media, restricting it to a reasonable level of influence. Additionally, there must be a balance of advertising similar to the balance required by serious journalism. The reliance on one source of revenue will inevitably influence the editorial position, making it ever more profitable to tell lies to the reader. If this means that journalism as we know it dies in the collapse of the media dinosaurs of Grub Street, so much the better. It is no less deserving of the stocks than the rabid banking system. In London they even share a bed in Canary Wharf.

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