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Brown to Blame For Armageddon, Says Cameron.

Alone all among world leaders who trusted the markets and their disciples in the last ten years, Gordon Brown is the sole villain in the calamitous collapse of global capitalism, Diddy David Cameron proclaimed this morning at 8am. Without him, we would not be in this mess, in spite of the fact that there are no democratic states untouched by this crisis.
After massaging some feeling back into its aching ribs, the country is simply left to reflect on just how the tories would have sold property and personal debt in the same period, especially considering the vested interests of both the party and leading tories in making money from it.
The opinion polls today showed Brown & Darling leading Cameron & Osbourne in financial competence. Tory columnists are circling Osbourne, like vultures over an exhausted goat. But what is he supposed to do? He cannot rewrite history, and can't convince anyone that he would have done anything different to Brown. Nevertheless, Cameron still tried to condemn the decision to give independence to the Bank Of England, which, at the time, the tories had harrumphed loudest in favour of.
Meanwhile, Ken Livingstone finds another way of looking at it.

"I would have waited for the banks to fail and then nationalised them for nothing."
And seeing as they are still on strike, even after their demands have been met, he does have a point. If this was war, they could be tried as traitors, surely?
And if they had been miners in Tonypandy, Winston Churchill would have brought the troops in. bank strike crash08

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