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Weeks ago, when the Archbishop of Canterbury was citing Marx, Gordon Brown was still seen as pathetic flop. Today, as Marx seems to be truer than ever, the international right wing are hailing him as their Saviour and singing his praises. If Gordon Brown were to ride down Wall Street, he would get a ticker-tape reception, which is exactly what his policies did get yesterday when the market started buying again. Is there life left in the old dog of politics yet? What would Marx be drinking if he were alive today?
As Orwell also foresaw, revolutions are not all coloured shirts, rubber truncheons and barricades. They can be as mundane and natural as childbirth, or as a buckled bicycle wheel breaking under strain of too many sacks of spuds, which is essentially what has happened to capitalism under the strain of its new and untested internet load, as Marx predicted without even knowing about the internet - or global warming.
The free-market dogma was essentially based on a wilful misinterpretation of Chaos Theory. Not for the first time, science was used to justify political ambition and greed, and the inherent instability and unpredictability of capitalism was smothered under a blanket of propaganda, strategic risk assessment systems analysis and the other mumbo-jumbo which hit the fan last week. In spite of the mathematical impossibility of predicting a vast ands complex global economic system, the myth was pursued and believed in with religious fervour, even to the extent of beliving that a finite system could grow forever. Fuelling the system with the internet only made it more unstable and its collapse more sudden.
Ever since the Big Bang on October 27th 1986, and before, the free market freaks were warned of their lunatic error by the environmentalists, historians, socialists and mathematicians. Now reality has proved them wrong. But since when did the proof that tobacco is poison stop people smoking?

While on his tour to secure an Obama presidency, Gordon Brown could perhaps do some groundwork for the new Channel 5 reality show 'Homes In The $un'. Doris and Frank from Widnes are looking for a retirement home in Florida, Gordon. Any suggestions? crash08

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