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Merry Monday.

After a weekend's frantic international dealing and shinanegans, and a £35 billion buyout of key British banks, the stock market breathed a sigh of relief and recorded gains.
 People are naturally angry that their money is being spent on rescuing the banks, but the more businesses go bust, the cheaper they will be when the government buys them. So the choice facing capitalism is stop sulking and get back to work, or risk being an ex-company in a planned economy, bought at the global bargain basement bankruptcy sale. When the going gets tough, the rich go shopping. And at times of extreme crisis, only the nation state is rich enough. Any renounciation of power, any return to the days of the poisonous free market experiment, will then be seen as an act of charity which the electorates of most countries will not allow their governments to indulge in.
 Politics has a chance to redeem itself and get back to the job its voters want it do: provide them with security and the conditions to make a life worth living; not force them onto a lifelong hamster-wheel of debt, consumption, promotion-backstabbing, training, bonding, image-building, networking, property-worship and suspicion of everyone except their nearest family, while they last.
 And as the worst is far from over, any failure of the political classes we choose to take the reins from the money-men and give them back to the people will end up with us all carrying guns to the soup-kitchens. So we have to elect the right politicians.

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