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The red mist rises again the markets fall and the banks and their shareholders read the small print in their rescue deals. No more divi 'till the bill is paid. 3484 our divi number used to be with the co-op when I were a lad in the Hovis-brown days of yesteryear.
But happily the interback lending rate is still going down. Unhappily, so are shares in mining, shipping, and materials. Next year's French Grand Prix at Magny Cours has already been cancelled.
 The free-market delusions of the Thatcher Era got us into this mess, and the long-depised state now has to save us. The lessons are stark and simple, don't ever again relinquish power to unelected lunatics crazed with greed. Profit isn't king. The Market Knows Worst. Greed Is Good is very bad. There IS such a thing as society, and the sooner we remember it the better. Co-operation is more important (and natural ) than competition.


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