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Mosquito Mental Swamp

Police Minister Nick Herbert wrote in a Commons reply on Monday that this was not an issue on which ministers should intervene, and it was for local authorities dealing with anti-social behaviour to decide whether or not to use the Mosquito.
Or leave it to the good ol' boys, in other words.
Leaving aside the brutal redneck stupidity of the Cameron government in endorsing these spiteful litte machines, there is a wider issue to address, which is the mental contortions required to maintain the current British level of Paedophobia.
It is amazing how the meaning of 'anti-social' is dependent on the age of the subject, rather than their actual behaviour. This is truly an example of our disregard for language and basic 'cause and effect'. For the rational world as we know it. A person is not judged by their deeds but their age. And the term 'anti-social' has now almost come to mean 'young'. Say the word to most people,  and the image they will see in their head will be of a teenager.
Create a taboo or bogeyman or monster of any kind, and primitive superstition automatically kicks in. This is fine in books and other entertainments, but when it becomes an everyday means of dealing with reality by inverting it, we are in serious trouble.
Is there any legal obligation to reveal where these Hate-Screamers are located, as with speed cameras? Jeremy Clarkson would know what to do with them. Then they wouldn't need to be banned.

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