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Cheap Booze Ban? (Condem Watch)

The ridiculous arguments on both sides are fluttering up the bandwidth, and will be repeated when other similar Neo-Nanny State actions are considered. More interesting is the fact that if adopted, this will be just another measure which will be justified by The War on Deficit, just as NuLab used The War on Terror to justify its policies.
As time goes by, it will become clearer and clearer that the Condems are not as different from NuLab as the Daily Mail and those who put their faith in the Westminster Fairy Godmother would like to believe. Just like their predecessors, they will exploit the threat of a common enemy to impose unpleasant policies. In some ways, the Condems will need TWOD even more than Blair needed TWOT. And their original plans will be even more distorted and blown by their storm of events than NuLabs' were by war. Their 9/11 has still to happen (unless you count Lehmann Brothers) but when it does it will destroy as many hopes and delay just as many good intentions.

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