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Will The England Bus Be Stoned On Wednesday?

If I'd spent over £20,000 to watch England sulk, I would be furious.
We have seen in the past how little provocation it takes to cause trouble amongst England fans. In Germany, it was merely the comic book past which roused their fury.
It would therefore be timely to consider what might happen if they are given real offence, and by their own team no less. And at a time when football players are the last people on George Osborne's Cutback Hitlist.
A truly degraded performance by England against Slovenia might leave a nasty taste in a lot of people's mouths about football in general. After such an abject surrender, who could justify the absurd extravagance of a season ticket to a Premiership club against the escalating cost of running a family?
The Premier League clubs will look like Robin Hood turned tax-collector for the Sheriff of Nottingham.

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