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Gaza Weapons of Mass Construction Flotilla 2

At the beginning of next week a new flotilla ariives. One of the main ships is Irish owned.
Naturally there will be more to follow. In its demented state, Israel has chosen the wrong battlefield and the wrong weapons. The apologists for Zionism will now have a massive task on their hands as the body of world opinion exploits this weakspot in the armour of the Nuclear Israeli apartheid state.
While stereotypes are the work of the devil, the Frankie Boyle in me is relishing the idea of shelelaghs drawn at dawn. Not to mention the prospect of an Israeli ministry robot on Newsnight seriously trying to label a peace laureate as a terrorist. Go Kirsty!
Now that Egypt has blinked first, and decided to open its border with Gaza, the days of the siege are numbered anyway. Israel's moral blindness has lost it two of its remaining allies in the region, and branded it as a rogue state throughout the world. Proving yet again that the wars of an Information Age are not won with bombs and tanks.

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