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Music Exposed. Religion and Music

The Herbert Morrison Primary School in Lambeth, south London, says it has seen up to 22 children removed from music lessons. This has caused a furore among music lovers and Muslim-haters alike.
All religion have to make their minds up about music. Either to harness it or demonise it. The fact that Christianity decided to harness it is no reason to condemn Islam for demonising it. After all, they are only trying to make a living too.And before Christians and the like get into the pulpit as defenders of the crotchet, they should examine the church's record on artistic persecution. They even outlawed a mathematical interval. How paranoid is that?
All authoritarian tyrannies have to either shackle or eradicate music because it is such a powerful medium, capable of conveying emotions and changing opinions across the centuries, and of codifying an incredibly broad and subtle spectrum of information.
Allowing free access to such a weapon of freedom would be suicide to any doctrine with one message which must be obeyed. Islam (according to the few puritan freaks who spew out this garbage) just chooses to do without music altogether rather than mangle it to their purposes.
There is an honestly about that. At least it saves us another  ''Oh Lord Our help in Ages Past'.

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