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Cameron Says Love B.P. Or Else.

Britain's head corporate poodle David Cameron says: 'Say nice things about BP and Railtrack for their trail of destruction or the pensioners sleep with the fishes.' Nice to see he's found his vocation as a gangster's Heavy so readily. 'You've got a nice pension plan here. Shame if it was to get all devalued. Never take sides against the family.'
It's important that the image of The Organisation stays clean. If Union Carbide rubs out a town it isn't very good for public relations. And business suffers, and that means someone has to pay. Namely us. Whatever crimes business commits, we mustn't complain and we must always pay the price. In fact, we must adore the monster all the more. Unquestioning worship is the only solution to the inscrutible workings of the market. The Market Works in Mysterious Ways its Wonders to Perform, and it is not the place of miserable creatures like us to question its works, it knows best.
Fuck BP. Fuck Cameron. Fuck Pensions. Fuck Business.

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