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Ministry Of Lies Write History Of Iraq.

Teachers are rightly incensed by the prospect of having to lie to their pupils on demand. They object to being used as apparatchiks of the M.O.D - they have seen the hoops jumped through by the journalistic profession in its eagerness to please, and desperately wants to avoid the same shame. They realise that if they lose as much credibility as the hackocracy, their jobs will be impossible.

Teachers have to deal with real people. And they are charged with the job of making the lives of their pupils better. Their purpose is to give them skills and a level of appreciativeness which will enrich their future lives and hopefully deliver afuture generation of people better able to cope with the problems of society than in the past.

Sadly, the same can't be said of the bulk of journalistic endeavour lately.
The collusion over the Windsor boy's adventure holiday was merely a lapse into Victorian press etiquette - but with the added treats of hours of royal-rich footage and interviews to come. Far worse has been the collusion with the culture of fear. Fear sells newspapers, and as life isn't that terrifying, lies have to be told. And the person telling the lies, for a few crumbs from the table to of the media corporations, are journalists. They must know what they are doing is wrong and that it can't be doing them any good in this world or the next. But they carry on. And their purpose seems to be to make most people's lives more fearful, to narrow their perspective to a few marketable, packagable sterotypes - Muslims. Terrorists. Hoodies. Chavs. Yobs. Wags.

I suppose lawyers face the same industrial schizophrenia. They are almost as well-respected in Britian as journalists.
There is no call to bribe or twist
Thank God, the British journalist.
Seeing what the man will do unbribed
There's no occasion to.
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