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British Schoolgirls Ban Shakespeare

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A level students at Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls' School in Stamford Hill, North London, decided to boycott Shakespeare because they believed 'The Tempest' to be ant-semitic. Rabbi Abraham Pinter defended the decision of his pupils:
"There was a perception that Shakespeare was anti-Semitic... We felt that we needed to respect those children's views. "We did nothing to discourage them. We teach our pupils to have pride in what they believe in. If you do believe in something strongly, there can be consequences. But sometimes it's worth paying the consequences."
So that's alright then.

'Do all men kill the things they do not love?'

Is this just more Religious Fundamentalism Gone Mad! Or is the story of bitter, exact retribution too near the knuckle for a generation of jewish people infested with territorial zionism? If Shakespeare isn't safe, how many more real poets and artists will be thrown on the scrapheap, and what mind-manacled dross will take their place? Does this really raise serious questions of artistic and intellectual freedom, or is it just another media-inflated case of teenagers showing off their newly-developed minds? Intellectual growing pains or religious indoctrination? And if Shakespeare is out, what's the problem with The Veil?

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