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Genetic Labelling From Birth, say Police Eugenicists

This should go down well.
I like the idea that criminals can be detected in childhood by their genes.
That would mean that we can have fore-knowledge of all sorts of other human characteristics. Political leadership, for instance, That would do away with all those messy elections, and put some old-fashioned common sense back into society.
Women who would be far better off rearing and householding could be segregated at birth and given appropriate physical training and taught the right skills to keep a man and a family happy.
Children who wouldn't benefit from a lick of education could simply be put in gyms and trained to menial tasks and to be the sporting entertainers of the future.
Children destined to be fascist scientists could be humanely exterminated at birth in the interest of the species - or is that going a bit too far?

Again, the teaching unions offer some sanity. What would we do without those terrible unions?

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