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Heather McCartney and other Media Victims

The media have to have flesh to feed on. Objects for their hatesheets. Whether it is this obviously unstable woman for being unstable. Or Fergie because she was ginger and a size 14. Or Jade Goody because she wasn't Jane Asher. Or Britney because she was ill. Or Bruno because he was ill. Or Gazza because he was ill...
Heather McCartney peddles the line that as an amputee she is persecuted because she is disabled. She is right but for the wrong reason. The mentally unstable are fair game in the media Hate Game.


Seems to sell enough wood pulp to keep Murdoch in satellites. Sick. The sad sadists by proxy who swallow these buckets of snot should remember that the pillory and stocks were abolished long before the battle of the Somme. They should know that even General Haig was more human than them. At least he had the excuse of patriotism, all they have is the sick superiority of Marie Antoinette.
 The press do like insulting the mentally ill, such as Frank Bruno and Gazza. Meanwhile, the psychological result of being a paid liesmith, of being a contortionist with the truth, is to distort the victim's sense of reality, to make them crazy as Gazza. It is therefore a matter of some urgency for journalists to make up their minds which world they want to live in, the optimistic one which tries to make things better for as as many people as possible (progress) or the one in which they are allowed to spread their chronic depression as widely as is profitable for their bosses.
 Make the right choice and people will start to despise them a bit less. Make the wrong one and they will continue to be reptiles.

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