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The Easter Message - School Passion Plays Banned!

Another triumph for the anti-christian hordes threatening British culture.
The traditional school Passion Play is now totally extinct, and with it one of the formative religious experiences of our culture.
The traditional school Passion, with the eagerness to know who would be the little boy nailed to the cross, and who would be the Roman guards whipping Him from station to station, and who would be the villainous Judas, who would deliver the final thrust of the sword - is now a thing of the dim and distant past.. The community involvement in making the scenery and props - and the blood substitute and scar tissue and crown of thorns - all gone. The competition among mothers to provide the Last Supper - all sacrificed in the name of namby-pamby secular political correctness.

Obviously the socialist spoilsports do not realise that the Christian Faith does not cause children to be upset by a touch of gore and agony, it protects them from it. While The Passion reveals the core message of Christianity, it also provides sanctuary from the threat of pain - in this life and the next. Children therefore benefit from being exposed to the glories of crucifixion as early as possible. This is what the social-workers and saboteurs of respectable society fail to understand, and why the relatively insignificant Nativity is still allowed, while the Passion is celebrated only ever paid lip-service, and involves no blood at all.

Bring back the school Passion Play in all its glory, I say.
What's the problem? The blood and gore? Why? Surely that's the point of christianity, to offer a salvation from pain and death. So by hiding our kiddiwinks from the realities of the Passion, we are creating a generation of heathens.
They get their Nativity play at Xmas, why not the true meaning of Christianity at Easter? Because nobody believes in it, that's why. If they did, the horror wouldn't be horrible but wonderful. And it simply isn't. If children were forced to confront the realities of crucifixion - even in the same saccharin way they mark the Nativity - they would be very upset indeed. The parents simply wouldn't allow it.
Christianity in modern Britain is a sham, if it wasn't, it would have died out when we stopped burning old women who knew the herbal cure for period pains.

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