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Wanted - Spirituality. Best Prices Paid

So the best price for a year's worth of Spirituality is a million splonkers. Not bad. Not bad. How many poems does that come to, or hours gazing at the wonder of the Milky Way? Can I do it all in one go, or do I have to spread my spiritualisifying out across 12 months? I'll need to know to sort out the extra income with my accountant. What column would 'spirituality' come under? Is it deductable as a charitable donation?
The Templeton Prize (it says) 'celebrates no particular faith tradition or notion of God, but rather the quest for progress in humanity’s efforts to comprehend the many and diverse manifestations of the Divine.'
I can do that. Gizza million quid. 
It seems that the million quid is vital as the 'cornerstone of the John Templeton Foundation’s international efforts to serve as a philanthropic catalyst for discovery in areas engaging life's biggest questions, ranging from explorations into the laws of nature and the universe to questions on love, gratitude, forgiveness, and creativity.
The monetary value of the prize is set always to exceed the Nobel Prizes to underscore Templeton's belief that benefits from discoveries that illuminate spiritual questions can be quantifiably more vast than those from other worthy human endeavors'.
That's a lot of quantifying. Is there a chart?
Nominations are now open for the 2012 cash...

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