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"If you want to surrender, then surrender. If you want to die, then die."

According to today's Observer, the inevitable is happening. A government tank commander being treated by rebel doctors in Misrata reported that
'His unit had been running out of food and ammunition for four days and were cut off from resupply.'
'He received an order...that sounded like an admission that the soldiers were now on their own.' "They said if you want to surrender, then surrender. If you want to die, then die."
Gadaffi will be gone in weeks, possible even days, as long as he is not resupplied, and the insane squeals for mercy from both Gadaffi and the Hampstead milksops of the Stop The War Coalition are ignored. Everyone's a winner except those with dead ideologies and the politically blind. History is littered with such losers.
If Gadaffi really has been driven out of Misratah, his convoys and encampments are now sitting ducks for allied airstrikes, and have no alternative but to scuttle back to Tripoli with their tails between their legs - if they get that far. And when the battle for the corridor to the Tunisian border is won, Tripoli will be evacuated enough to minimise civilian casualties from airstrikes on any remaining utilities useful to the regime. But by then, the ammunition stocks of the regime will be so low that finding a bullet for the Honorable Thing will be difficult. So the lawyers may well have their day in the Hague after all.
The future of Libya is not Quantum Diplomacy, as played by pathetic specimens from Glenn Beck to Jeremy Corbyn. It is simple primary skool arithmetic. The same simple equation that reduced Kaiser Bill's all conquering military machine to its knees. No Ammo = Defeat.

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