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Royal Wedding Dress Designer Revelation by Brian Haw

The revelation is that if you care about royal dresses, royal weddings or royalty in any manifestation, you're very sad and irrelevant and life is passing you by. So let's ditch the shmutter yak.
The only real question worth an answer is How will the TV coverage censor out Brian Haw? Even if the Golden Fertility Carriage doesn't pass the Peace Camp, the world will be expecting comprehensive shots of the billions swarming the streets, and right in the middle, heroically planted before the statue of Oliver Cromwell, 100 yards from the Abbey, is Brian Haw and his legal, honourable, decorative appeal to stop death parting other married couples all over the world. How embarrassing. So how will they erase Haw from history? Anyone who spots him in the TV coverage please report back.

The crazed delusion seems to be that once The Big Day is over, Middlebrow'n'Windsor will be allowed to walk their dogs on Anglesey in windswept peace and tranquillity. She's a nice girl. The press would never make 'the same mistake' again.
This is to pretend that Willenkate are something other than a vast feeding trough for the media. A key source of cash in a time when property advertising is still slow. 
Cameras are now much more advanced than in the 1990's. And the means of image-distribution in another dimension. So to expect the media to ignore this Royal pot of gold and respect the privacy of the newly-weds is insanity. And if there are assurances of 'self-regulation' and 'restraint', then why doesn't the England football captain (say) deserve the same respect as the descendant of a robber-baron? Why does it take a corrupt piece of improvised law to cater for Commoners, but merely a nod and a wink to pander to the needs of Royalty?

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