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The AV Lie

The AV delusion is bad enough, but even worse is the plan to slash the number of MP's thereby reducing the amount of political representation for each constituent, thereby devaluing the vote. If we're serious about more democracy and accountability and involvement, there should be ten times the number of MP's in more and smaller constituencies, not more centralisation and bigger workloads for MPs resulting in longer waits at surgeries and increased admin costs.
Here's an idea, why not hire a private company to do all the admin, and even tell the MP who are the most deserving constituents? Privatisation of democracy. What could possibly go wrong?
Certainly nothing more disastrous than the reversal of political supply and demand represented by AV.
In a field of 10 candidates, the winner with 11% of the poll is just as democratically elected as the winner with 51%. And if there is a mass of unrepresented voters, as Paddy Ashdown claims, it is the duty of the political parties to cater for them in their policies, or make way for new parties which do so. It is not the duty of the electoral system to cater for the existing, conventional political blocks, or to delude the losers into believing that they have somehow won.
Cash buys votes. That's what stinks about the British electoral system, not 1 man 1 vote.

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