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Beware the Rides of March, Boris

Pretend London Mayor Boris Johnson launched Ken Livingstone's cycle hire project this week. 
We needn't worry about him for very long if the interview with BBC London is anything to go by.
According to Boris, cycling is a great time to plan meetings, and stimulates all kinds of ideas and free-thinking as you peddle merrily along the with the breeze in your helmet.
However much of a prat he is, I wouldn't want Boris to get killed by one of his new Routemaster buses, if they ever appear, or by a Bendybus, nomatter how delicious the irony. But I feel less concern for him than for any naiive newcomer who adopts his Dolly Daydream attitude.

As anyone who cycles in London knows, riding traffic demands 100% concentration all the time. It is not a time for relaxation, or listening to music, and to give that impression is almost criminally irresponsible.

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