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English Fritzophilia - World Cup 2010 Political Revolution

I never thought I'd live to see the day. The English seem to actually like the Germans. This is a seismic cultural shift. And happened in spite of, or even because of, being beaten by them in a game in which they were cheated out of a critical goal!
It's as if, in this case, English Spitfire nationalism was inflated so much this time that when it was punctured, it could never be repaired again. Are we now entering a the Post post-war period of relations with Germany? Something a bit less cartoonish and a bit more grownup? Here's hoping.
All the interviews with the weary, swindled English fans plodding home through the streets and departure lounges spoke of willing respect and resignation, not resentment. In an era not so long ago, this would have been the trigger for trouble. But this time it really wasn't worth it, the whole thing was so obviously a fraud - spiritually, financially, and in sporting terms that the only conclusion for the worldy-wise Engand supporter was 'We Won't get Fooled Again'. 'Peace and Reconciliation'?
And all turning on the actions of 22 men for 90 minutes on a couple of acres of grass in Africa. Who says football is just 'kicking a ball about'?

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