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Now I'm Not Saying The End Of Civilisation Is A Good Thing, But..

I stand to be corrected on the following statistics for last weekend in London.
  • Domestic burglaries. Down
  • Gang killings and random killings of young people. Zero.
  • Alcohol related admissions to A&E. Down.
  • Traffic related admissions to A&E. Down
    Whether more people were injured than at the average weekend, we'll have to wait and see.
Vast amounts of property was destroyed, and literally millions of decent people have been terrorised. But many people live in abject fear a lot of the time, especially young people. The mass media make a living from it. And the economy runs on the fear of the descent into the very same abyss the rioters have emerged from. So the cold nett price was mostly material, and most of the outrage consequently hypocritical. Just like the hysteria over the student riots last December, this is really about stuff, not people. Which is the same social ethic which fuels the looting in the first place.

Cameron's response is the same old mantra of Personal Responsibility, which as a complete abandonment of responsibility by the government. Not least by the fact that there has still been no formal declaration of a riot, which would force the insurance companies to cough up. So much for the myth of the tories as the friend of the small businessman.
Strangely, the rioters were taking responsibility, and fulfilling a very clear personal identity created by a powerful set of role models. Just as David Cameron wants. They are living the only dream they have been programmed with. Their default identity one of consumption and the power it brings, unhindered by red-tape state interference. Just like the Rupert Murdoch epistled by Cameron until quite recently.
The knee-jerk reaction is prison and lots of it. And no holiday camps. Holiday camps like Wandsworth, perhaps? Which, according to a report published today runs a 'demeaning and abusive regime'. Another myth bites the dust, along with the myth of pernicious immigration. Another excuse for the reasons for this chaos exploded.

The other knee-jerk reaction has been from the neo-fascist EDL (not just Kelvin McKenzie) who are desperate to be the Saviours of the Small Businessman and said so yesterday. Cameron is giving them this role on a plate. But by coming out in this way they are showing their true face. There are far more white English kids rioting than the alien Muslims . The EDL are backing themselves into a racist corner. Whether Cameron will join them there, we'll have to wait and see. If they became the stormtroops of his 'Gro├če Gesellschaft' we would live in times that were perhaps a touch too interesting.

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