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Mermaid Dawn. The Day The Sneering Had to Stop

Demonstration outside Libyan Embassy. May 2011

The snake Mousa Ibrahim is on TV pleading for his skin. Asking for a truce, again. There is no sign of any of the Gadaffi clan. The freedom fighters are at the western gates of Tripoli, and have organised cells inside the city waiting for the green light. The massive balance of reports indicates that the people are with them, and against the Little Green Men, as they have been in every other liberated centre so far. There is no sign of the civil war, tribal disintegration, Jihadii feeding-frenzy, or the tide of bloodthirsty vengeance predicted by every outlet of the corporate media and by the weak-kneed pasty-faced pacifists hiding within the progressive left. Whichever way they now try to turn, they have to finally admit that the 'rag-tag rabble' have won, and that Gadaffi's retirement choices are withering away.

Sneering is such an ugly facial expression. And according to my grandmother, the Sneerer's face could get stuck like that for life. Here's hoping that those who've made a living from it in the last 6 months can stop in time.
There is still time for them to discover their own humanity and celebrate the historic heroism of the Libyan people. But maybe that was their problem all along. No humanity to discover. If they don't discover it in this momentous year, when there are massive realigments across the spectrum, with old reactionaries coming to their senses, and old 'anti-imperialists' losing theirs, they never will.

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