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2 Shirts and Your Family's Homeless

After the announcement last year that people would be evicted according to the moods of the property market, many people, including myself, assumed that the main deficit conflict would be triggered by a forced eviction. We were wrong. The spark was another police killing.
But now that they have begun, and the cat is out of the bag, they are taking on a life of their own.
Among a raft of other lunacies the government is exploiting them to further their social-cleansing policy. Entire families of looters are to be evicted, says Cameron.  It goes without saying that this is nothing more than hysterical, bloodthirsty, mindless, wanton garbage. If the sadistic clods who dreamt it up get their way, there will be estate war. It will take the army to get the bailiffs in, and if they leave, it will be to the cacophany of fire-tenders and the glare of flames.
Some network of Displacement Camps will be required, of course, to accommodate those guilty by association. But they shouldn't cost much. After all, mollycoddling would not be appropriate. Having said that, they would naturally be equipped with all necessary shower and oven facilities.

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