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I'm afraid that after the Extremist Tory massacre by Anders Behring Breivik, there will be a wave of rampant Toryphobia across Europe. After all, when a terrorist is muslim, all muslims are terrorists, and the result is Islamophobia. So why shouldn't it be any different with the Crucifixionists?

Anders Breivik highlights the bankruptcy of what is laughably called 'Right-Wing Philosophy', which is at best a mere apology for the status quo, and at worst a crazed homicidal stampede to a mythical Golden Age. And at its most moronic, makes British prime ministers, and the reactionary media, align themselves with fascists. 
The fact is that Oslo was another example of how a crazy, paranoid culture drives people crazy, just as it did to Osama Bin Laden and Raol Moat. An illustration of the extent and banality of mental illness. If Tories want to dignify Breivik's disease as  a political ideology, fine. But doing so will drag them down to his level. And if they accept that this as pathological rather than political, then so are the actions of Al Qaida. 
Anyone who did what Breivik did is crazy, nothing else. Mentally ill. All murderers are and should be committed to an asylum for life - which would also be an honest way around Norway's 21 year maximum sentence. 
But if he is insane, then all terrorists are insane, and also all mass murderers. Either all terrorists are sick or none are. The real question is why are so many people that sick? But it doesn't suit the purposes of our politicians, priests and millionaires to acknowledge the true extent of the damage done by the society they champion and benefit most from. 
The truth is that our Ratrace depends on a healthy amount of mental illness. And that most of us are only one or two traumas, humiliations or failures away from violence or worse. Casualties like Raol Moat are only the tiny tip of the iceberg. 
Our concept of mental illness is radically unsound, and in denial about our universal level of socialised, institutional neurosis. Every humiliating eradication of our individuality and every step into alienation from our fellow human beings drives us nearer to declaring war on the world, and destroying it in the only way we can. By going insane.

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