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Media Spring Day Two

Bye Bye News of the World, or rather, welcome the Sundayest Sunny Sun of All Time! The Sunday Sun.
Scuppering the News of the World is a desperate bit of fire-breaking between brands, at the expense of hundreds of jobs. But it is a transparent tactic which is not working. People are not thinking what Murdoch tells them to think. And the level of disgust might well mean pickets and demonstrations outside newsagents on the first sunday of The SunSun.
The revelations are hourly and disgusting, and show every sign of increasing as time goes by. And the classic excuses are being reeled out by the regime (sorry , management) 'rogue elements' 'rotten apples' 'thorough internal investigation' 'genuine reforms'. All the vocabulary of the besieged despotism.
The NOW workers are understandably revolting. And if they were to decide to occupy Murdoch Towers, and run on that story alone, they'd keep their jobs for a week or two, at least. One thing is certain, this sunday's edition will be a curiosity. And well worth buying.

The takeover of BSky B is thankfully looking less likely after an avalanche of petitions. Most people seem to agree that it would be like Britain surrendering to Germany in 1945. What David Cameron has to ask himself is: Who runs the country? The media or the bankers?


  1. Anonymous11:46 pm

    If you get the chance, have a look at the spin coming from sky news. I've not laughed this hard in years.

  2. The question to Murdoch is 'What else are you hiding?' And of course, as the Sun often says, if they haven't got anything to hide, they won't mind everyone looking.
    Tommy Sheridan's lawyer, for instance.

  3. This is like the mafia owning up to tax evasion in the hope that nobody will notice their activities in running drugs, guns, extortion and murder. We need to know about all the other private off the record meeting held by the PM and his ministers, particularly with members of the banking community and their pet journalists -many of them ex-bankers.

  4. The parallels with organised crime are far too disturbing to ignore.
    Try #Godfather4Murdoch on Twitter. Every line fits. And even the Pope gets a part in both versions.
    But The Don, rest his soul, was slippin. Ten years ago could we have got to him?


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