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How humiliating.
How humiliating.
You know who I used to be?
Rupert Murdoch King Of Wapping!
Dozens of papers running at once.
TV stations, satellite deals with the Chinese, movie stars, presidents.
Unions and troublemakers cowering at my every editorial.
Lunch at Chequers. The police in my pocket.
Look at me now.
Look at me now!
I'm hiding from a committee of British MP's.
I used to have thousands of investors begging - pleading to put their money into a Rupert Murdoch company.
Look at my investors now.
Sharpening their knives...
They lie in wait like wolves. The smell of blood in their nostrils. Waiting. Interminably waiting.

- You have exactly ten seconds to turn that look of disgusting pity into one of enormous respect.
Shred the mails.
Shred the mails.

apologies to Mel Brooks and Linehan & Matthews.


  1. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Interesting, under the right circumstances a publication can make more money than it could be fined!

  2. I was just posing a little accounting theory...


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