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David Cameron Disagrees With Me

Cameron decided to agree with me throughout his Perth speech, almost word-for-word, until he tried to use UN 1973 as a glorification of our brave heroes, and a justification of the industrial military machine.
Gadaffi was a creature of the industrial military machine. Without it, there would be no need to put our brave supermen in danger over the deserts of Libya, or anywhere else.
But since making machines to kill people is Britain's only all-in manufacturing industry, it is important to display it to the world, to fill the order books. Which, for the cynics, is why Cameron organised this presentation. It's about the Deficit, really. Not blood-soaked dictators at all. The Arms Industry Circus arrives in Libya. Ringmaster, David Cameron.
Nevertheless. A friend in need is a friend in deed, and gift horses shouldn't be looked in the mouth. The Arms industry can earn its keep for once, and by keeping the revolution on the rails, assist in its own downfall. It wouldn't be the first time a vast global corporation acted suicidally.

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