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Man-Made Global Warming Doesn't Matter

Berkeley Project claims to be about to resolve the climate change debate by an advance in open-source number-crunching techniques. Which is great, but like the entire furore around man-made global warming, is totally irrelevant.

The paranoiacs of the anti-science lobby simply cannot absorb the fact that since the industrial revolution we have prematurely released millions of years' worth of carbon into the atmosphere, shortcutting the carbon cycle by eons. Apart from a very few extremist Nutter Denialists, nobody believes CO2 is not a warming gas. So it has had an effect and we caused it, and carry on doing so. Which makes all their statistical contortions and hockey-stick premature ejaculations more meaningless and vain than they already are.
And even if AGW is the vast sinister global conspiracy of Denialist nightmares, it doesn't make any difference. Whether it is real or a fantasy, we will 
still have to take the same measures to defend ourselves, and future generations, from the massive ecological vandalism of Consumerism. We are killing the seas, we are eliminating species and habitats, we are gorging on irreplaceable natural resources as if there was no tomorrow, and by doing so, guaranteeing there won't be a tomorrow, someday. We are devastating the ecosystem. So the Denialists have to get used to the idea of progress, AGW or no AGW - that or retire to their bunkers in the woods to live off squirrels and their nuts. Happy hunting to them.
Every real scientist would be absolutely delighted if AGW turned out to be a massive book-keeping error or statistical practical joke, as would everyone else. The only ones weeping would be the Denialists, who have revelled like adolescents in unwarranted attention for too long.

Then we could get on with preventing the destruction of the ecosystem as if we'd never heard of global warming, which will require exactly the same radical economic and political changes. Which is why environmentalism is the closest definition of modern socialism, and the denialists are the last remnants of those who still believe in the Consumerist Perpetual Motion Machine, and are willing to drag everyone else down into their nightmare future. 

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