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The Vordeman Benefit

"Ian Duncan Smith will announce that jobseeker's allowance, income support, housing benefit and dozens of other payments will be replaced by one type of universal handout in an attempt to simplify the system and curb fraud."
Says the Daily Mirror. In other words, the ConDem coalition is consolidating all its small benefits into one single, manageable benefit. As croakingly encouraged by celebrity brainbox bimbo Carole Vordeman on behalf of debt management vulture First Plus. So now we have the final dumbing down of Britain, a government reduced to daytime-loser TV political remedies.
The bright idea is to withdraw child benefit from any anyone earning over £44K. So a single parent on £45K loses out, as does the ideal single income nuclear family on the same average wage. But the career-couple with one kid at private school, and a canny accountant to keep their visible incomes below £44K, get to keep the lot. AND the revenue is cheated of the income tax from the massaged incomes. So the saving is far less than the paltry £1B estimated, and all at the expense of those least able to afford it.
On the same conference platform that Boy George showed who he intends to punish for the crimes of the bankers, bigmouth Boris Johnson also sells an enormous political pass. His proposal to shackle the unions even further, and drag society back towards his ideal Romanised state, has turned the Deficit cuts into a human rights issue, all the opposition has to do is intercept Boris's wild, opportunist pass to the extreme right wing, and gallop unopposed over the line.
If the unions and the labour party combined can't accept this gift, they don't deserve to represent the people.

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