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Condem Wrecking Ball. 50% Cut In Social Housing

To slash the housing budget by half is pure sabotage, and the machine was a wreck to begin with. This will push many people over the edge, and there are too many of them, with too much to lose, for it not to make a political difference.
Whether this is a cut too far on the scale of the polltax only time will tell, but every cut so far has done one thing - further removed the incentive for people to work harder, and pushed the recovery back further. The increasing number of people on the borderlines of benefit will ensure that they end up on the entitlement side. The response will be to tighten the noose even more by reducing the thresholds, and see who calls Uncle first. But it is a huge gamble by the government, which they don't even realise they are taking. They are under the happy delusion that they are being prudent, when in fact they are pissing the future up the wall.
The cuts attack two classes of people, those with too much to lose from them, and those who couldn't fall much further. Normally, these two groups chug along, grumbling a bit, but playing by the rules. But at times like this, and the PollTax, they coalesce into one 'Fuck-You' class, composed of a wide cross section from the Grantham Women's Institute to anarchist squatters from Hackney. And then the government is always in serious trouble.
The Condem nightmare vision for social housing will probably be the tipping point. Housing estates are to be turned into something more like Benefit Transit Camps than communities. Everyone will be assessed on arrival, and directed to the left, or the right. One queue is evicted and sent to the building society to sign their life away for a Barratt slumhouse, the other to the Municipal Blackleg Labour Pool, to 'volunteer' to destroy the wage of another worker, who will then join them on the chain-gang. And the massive sink estates created by this process will be constantly repopulated, making any meaningful solidarity impossible. Anything to break Britain even more than Cameron claims it is already. By tieing housing benefits and council rents to the market rent is creating an apartheid of the market, with Affordable Townships for the service classes. The cleaners at Canary Wharf will now have to travel in from Luton and Southend for their minimum wage. They might as well just camp on the plaza outside and go home at weekends. Immigrants in their own country.
There is a lot of nonsense being spoken about the rights of poor (nasty) people to live in nice (expensive) areas. What this idiocy fails to recognise is that places are not made 'nice' by the salaries of the people who live there but by their ability to create a communiity. And in general, those who earn most are the least able to relate to their fellow human beings, and more likely to be the death of any community. This has certainly been the reality of the Right to Buy sabotage.
The idea that the unemployed of Merthyr Tydfil can just up sticks and move to Cardiff is especially absurd. But it gets even more sensible, since the Over-Subsidised claimants of Cardiff are to be evicted by the new market-driven rents and benefits to Merthyr. The result will be a grotesque merry-go-round of the unemployed and homeless, all chasing their own tails.
It seems that by making people rush about pointlessly and endlessly, IDS hopes to create the economic recovery. Like a sort of Rain-Dance.

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