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Beware the Bojo When Bearing Gifts.

Pretend London Mayor Boris Johnson speaks out against the cap to housing benefit. Stating that there will be no 'Kosovo-style cleansing.' This is for local consumption only. But it is a sure sign that the Cap is a cut too far. This is now a human rights issue, not an economic one. There is no justification for evicting people from their homes at the whim of the markets, or to make them pay for the bungling of billionaire banksters. If this doesn't cause outrage, Blair's work is done and we are a nation of castrated market poodles, and the gods will weep for us.
And now we hear from self-confessed pro-war activist Michael Portillo that Boris Johnson spends most of his time plotting against Cameron instead of doing his highly paid job. Is there no end to this man's talent?
BBC London

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