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Nye's Judgement on Mick Martin

From a lampost in Trafalgar Square in 1956, Aneurin Bevan famously demolished Anthony Eden, and his handling of the Suez farce, by simply revealing to the crowd that Eden's behaviour could only be explained in terms of villainy or stupidity, both of which disqualified him from public office.
"If he is sincere in what he is saying, then, he is too stewpid to be a prime minister!"
Sadly, the same is true of Speaker Michael Martin's handling of the illegal police raid on tory shadow minister Damien Green's office. If he knew that the police were going to raid without a warrant, he is complicit in an illegal action, and should resign. If he did not know, he is too stupid to be speaker. If he knew but couldn't be bothered to ask, he just doesn't care.
In any case, he has to go.
Meanwhile, the police are more politicised than ever, especially after Idiot Mayor Boris Johnson's flagrant pre-judgement of the police investigation, declaring that 'Nothing would come of it.'
Now if he is sincere in that belief, and he may be....

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