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Pope Adolf's Xmas Hate Message

Humanity is doomed by the spreading evil of Homosexuality. This work of Satan is slashing European birth rates and, since we are all living longer, Benedict the Batty reasons that Mankind is 'dying'. He would prefer African birth rates and, presumably, African life-expectancy.
This is all wrapped up in a monstrous jumble of pseudo-scientific bullshit about the organic nature of male and female and something called 'the ecology of Man' which he just invented, and is as chillingly reminiscent of Hitler's brand of nature-worship as this speech is of Hitler's terror and treatment of homosexuals. It refuses to accept sex without reproduction, thereby poisoning any pleasure with the bill of pregnancy, and in turn poisoning the connection between the person and their body, claiming ownership of it for Divine purposes which must not be denied. Controlling sexuality is a deeply effective means of mind control. As utterly evil and spiritually vandalistic as the notion, common to most religions, that love can be demanded with threats of eternal punishment.
The end product of this new attack on homosexuality is the same as ever, to serve the ancient Vatican need to keep women tied to the birthbed and the kitchen, devoting their energies to the glory of god, which is the highest calling a woman can aspire to...etc etc. While men are reduced to either toiling peasants or Mediterranean chancers, idling their lives away in a fug of local cheap alcohol and petty political feuding. The fact that persecution also cripples the emotional growth of millions of gays and lesbians, producing mopnsters such as Peter Sutcliffe, is just a bonus.
A society in which women did not do most of the work, and were able to contribute more fully to the improvement of the societies they lived in would be one which was able to draw on a much wider range of talent and experience and sheer intelligence. The cream of all society, not the cream of half. And such a society would be much more likely to eradicate the primitive standards of living which keep driving people into religious belief.
And so the Vatican must desperately stoke the level of hate and confusion, no matter how ridiculous is makes itself look. Politically, it has no choice if it to retain its African congregation. But what business is it of the Pope's to interfere in the political and economic choice to have children? Or veto the European text intended for the United Nations aimed at de-criminalising homosexuality - as it did last week? His priests are supposed to be celibate, and he has enough trouble enforcing that ruling. So what hope does he stand with normal people such as Tony Blair (to be seasonally charitable)?
As a Catholic who has recently come out of the closet, does Tony Blair agree that homosexuality is evil and is causing the death of humanity? How did he work so closely with Peter Mandelson all those years, and how will he look him in the eyes again? Does he agree that Britian needs to increase its birth rate to African levels and that his wife should renounce her ambitions and produce more children? Hardly, and the same is true with the vast majority of catholics who have the choice of controlling the size of their families. So what Herr Joseph Ratzinger (alias Pope Benedict XVI) has done by declaring war on sexual pleasure is actually to further alienate the Vatican from its sheep.
At present, it seems very difficult to estimate exactly how much the Catholic church earns per year (mostly tax-free of course). Most estimates seem pathetically low for an organisatiuon as powerful, and the Vatican itself will not disclose. But however large the actual income, The Vatican and the Italian state have been shown the intruments of torture by the European Union, and are squealing very loudly indeed. No wonder. Without their scandalous subsidies by almost every taxpayer in the world, and its enforced indoctrination in schools, this Bronze Age Re-enactment Society would wither away to a rump of nerds in less than a generation - as would most of its competitors.
All that would be left would be for them and their deranged billionaire patrons, to buy an extinct volcanic island in the Pacific, create their shared temple in the magma chamber, and leave the Humanity to get on with the business of human needs rather than meeting the exorbitant costs of maintaining the global Jurassic Park which is religious faith.


  1. I’m a Spanish journalism student. I visit frequently your posts. They are very interesting and I would like to know you opinions about Barack Obama.
    Would you mind if I will ask you some questions about Obama?
    - Firstly, I want to know if you think that Obama will change the politics in America?
    - What do you think about Mc Cain?
    - Obama promised a new brand of politics to replace the old politics of special interests and lobbyists, do you consider this will be come true?
    - Why would Americans trust someone who promises "change," but who does not trust Americans enough to tell them exactly to what kind of change he is committed?
    - Do you think that Obama will retire U.S troops of Irak immediately?
    - What happens with U.S. troops who are in Afghanistan?
    - What does Obama do for changing the “bad image” of United States?
    - Does Obama cooperate to solve the Middle East conflict in a far future?
    (- Personal question- about yourself?- Do you know the Presidential website, What is your opinion about it?
    - There is another page whose name is and it is an alternative page to official website and they talk about real problems and they intent to have propositions for improve American politics. Do you know it? It is a good option?
    - Do you really think that Obama solve the problem with health and public hospitals in America?
    Aida Sinfreu

  2. Aida.
    Thank you for your interest.
    Personally, I am sceptical about Obama's ability to implement anything but the middle class agenda which is his birthright, or resist the accumulated power of the vested corporate intersts which have always determined US politics.
    In practice, this roughly means more of the same, but without the chimpanzee antics of the Bush regime.

    Nevertheless, there is hope that the events of the last few months will force a re-examination of the nature of organised society, and will encourage more vital co-operation into the mix. And the image of the US could hardly be any worse, especially after today's outburst by the gangster Bush.

    To my shame, I was not aware of, and have no opinion on it yet. My line is rather bleak, I'm afraid. Without radical (and rather painful) dismantling of consumerism, we are merely playing at change.
    We have had the technology for universal peace and prosperity for over a century, and have rejected it in favour of profiteering and war and an orgy of gluttony and excess for a tiny minority. In the process, we have almost destroyed the environment. So Obama is left with many hard choices, and many decisions which were not in his election manifesto.
    It is feasible that he can make up some of the ground lost in the last 8 years, but I wonder if this burden of expectation is almost too much for any single human being to bear. And as the fossilised C18th American political ideology sees almost any social policies as a surrender to soviet style communism, it is very hard to see how Obama can implement any civilised health care service, for instance.

    Do you think that the escalation of the slaughter in Gaza means that Iran will inevitably develop WMDs?

    Apologies for taking so long to respond. Along with many other Britons, I have been enjoying the charms of the latest update of the Flu virus. I'm not impressed, to be honest.


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