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Boris Johnson LaLaLaLaLa!

The man is cracking up. Asked to make a statement on his latest bungled appointment, which again revealed his infantile grasp of political reality, his panicked flight from baffled BBC man Tim Donovan must have sent shivers down the spine of every Londoner aware that the world is watching.

  • BJ: ‘Hi matey how are you how are you I’m going going whatever it is I’m not going to tell you now no no no no no’
  • Reporter: ‘What are you going to do about David Ross?’
  • BJ: ‘Nothing nothing nothing nothing la la la la bye bye bye’
  • Reporter: ‘Have you got no comment about David Ross?’
  • BJ: ‘I’ve got no comment now, thank you’
  • Reporter: ‘If his conduct’s… not good enough for the city, is it good enough for you?’
  • BJ : la la la la
And then he vanished in a huge blonde huff, trailing clouds of buffonery in his wake. I hope he managed to regather his morale at yesterday's PMQ's when the tories almost hyenaed themselves into a collective hernia at Gordon Brown's hilarious slip of the tongue: 'He said he rescued the world'! Oh how they laughed. They still seem to be good at cheering themselves up at the slighest provocation, at least. Good to know the tories have lost none of their incompetence or their public school sense of humour. With all the employment to come, they will be very busy, and very merry.
Boris Johnson only needs the beard to get a really fulfilling job. I'm sure Mohamed 'Al' Fayed could help. Ho Ho Ho.

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