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The Cockamamie People's Alliance for Democracy

While Thailand's 'People's Alliance for Democracy' are not the champions of liberty and justice they pretend to be, their actions today deserved a bit more respect from the passengers stranded at the airport.
The Americans were particularly interesting because of the time of year. Their appalling human tragedy was that having completed one holiday, they would not be able to get immediately to the next one. They were in the stuck in the desperate position of being not on any holiday at all. Holiday starvation soon began to set in.
One victim of the horror spoke for many:

“Have you any idea of the tens of thousands of people whose plans you’ve screwed up? Tomorrow is a real big holiday in the States and many people will miss it because of some cockamamie little protest that you’ve got going.
We won't be coming back to Thailand again."
Missing you already. If Barack Obama can at least persuade people like this that the rest of the world matters, he will have been worth the ticket price.
After all, people have been killed in this cockamamie little protest in this silly little country, with its funny little people always shouting and getting excited over nothing.

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