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Chips McCain's Future

There will always be a place for someone of his talent and experience.

At least, that seems to be the assumption across much of America. Obama Bumaye!
If Obama is elected, it will be a break from the past, even though he does not share the same slave heritage as the rest of black america. The fact that he has got this far is more than most expected this early in the C21st.
If he isn't, there will be a lot of disappointment, but also suspicion, especially if there is another 'hanging-chad' fiasco, as in the suspect Bush election - only much worse.
Of course, a certain killer for the Obama campaign would be some kind of civil unrest in a significant black community. And given the heat of expectation, and that American history is no stranger to the use of incitement and provocation for political ends, and that racism will play a major part in this election, it's easy to imagine a bunch of seething rednecks in some bar mulling things over from this point of view. If so, they will have to be quick.
Even if the culprits and their motives were eventually discovered, it would be too late to undo the damage, especially after the massive nation-wide riots which would follow.

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