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Alternatives To Evil

The obscenity of this depicable case of utter degradation is, perhaps, one of the times when the word 'evil' is justified. But even this is arguable. Surely, to understand actions like this we should be trying to describe them in modern terms, informed by what we now know about people and what makes them function - or cease to function. we should not be relying on biblical buzzwords like Evil, with all its horny-headed overtones.
Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg used it freely, but then went on to commit the graver error of calling for 'The Community' to be deployed in scrutinising itself for cases of abuse and crime in general. Like all Westminster politicians, his definition of a community is one which delivers its morality from the top down, by constant supervision and judgement. In his liberal utopia, the police would wither away to be replaced by the nosy neighbours and children. A religious model of morality, handed down by an unelected body of elders and betters.
In fact, community morality, if it is anything, is delivered by example, not imposition or spying. It is something learnt by experiencing the co-operation and care which happens when a community is a living thing, and not merely a collection of nuclear family bunkers dumped in the same inter-hyper-market-hinterland. Community morality is a prevention, not a snake-oil cure.
If this monster had ever been part of one, he may never have gone insane as he did.

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