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Papal Leaving Party Arrangements (JP2 Bye bye)

Life is fleeting and false. Heaven is eternal bliss. What IS the problem? Cease this boo-hooing! The old geezer's heading for the perpetual orgasm of heavenly congress with the overwhelming magnitude of ultimate holiness.Why is anyone sad? Catholics especially. They should be holding a global-send off with Trinity Triple-Party-Poppers, great troughs of communion wafers in fifty different flavours, oil tankers of specially reserved communion wine charging through the waves to bring their blessings to every corner of the catholic empire. A real blow-out. 'So buy me beer and whisky 'cos I'm going far away'...
The man has got it made - he's finally dead - the greatest aspiration any true religious believer could have, and he MADE IT! He's just been given his final papers and his contract and everything.
So why the sadness? Because deep down, we all know that he's not going to be on God's right hand, but merely wormfood, like everyone else, and that they know they will end up the same way.

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