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Orwell Turns in His Grave

 A fellow tory party hack on the same site as yesterday's winner of the Orwell blog Prize claims this morning that "a very high percentage - probably most - of the rape allegations made are false. " Which is a bad sign.
Who was on the panel who elected this soft-core tory sentimentalist? With his rambling decorative cameos of squalid Hackney streetlife, leading to his scintillating conclusion that The Poor must be helped.. And that nobody should 'seek public office or a grant in Tower Hamlets if you’re not willing to conform to the standards of the Islamic Forum of Europe.' No mention of the real problems people have to face, just a slickly P.C. vehicle for the usual tory bigotry and political ignorance.
Orwell is turning in his grave. Not only is the prizewinner merely another radio phone-in bore who got lucky, but a self-confessed and blatant apparatchik, which automatically disqualifies him from any association with Orwell, whose political beliefs were completely free of party interference. 
By this time next year the Orwell Trust will have to rethink its policy, or sack its judges, or something, otherwise their main function will be to distort and defame Orwell's memory as much as the reactionary press has done since his death.
On the same site, Why doesn't the Right protest in Britain? comes to the conclusion that it's because they're too clever to waste their time. Protest is a waste of time. All action is a waste of time, in fact. Only making money makes any sense. Unlike the stupid Egyptians who protested very successfully. The answer to their dilemma is very simple.
The reactionary mindset is docile, conformist, confused and frightened, and only prepared to act against those weaker than itself. So naturally it is not prepared to undergo the risks of demonstrating its convictions in public. Neither does it enable the individual to join in solidarity with others, as it is inherently suspicious of and hostile to its fellow man, which is what makes it reactionary, or 'Right-Wing' as the meaningless euphemism has it.
So the short answer is, they don't have the guts, and  don't have the numbers. They're a bunch of bully-worshipping cowards who always need someone else to fight their battles for them. And as they are now seeing in the Arab Revolution, protest most decidedly works, and it is driving them to distraction. Tough. It's a hard world for the obsolete and defunct. No matter how prettily they package their product.
Far from being in the tradition of Orwellian breadth and political freedom, the winner of this year's prize is nothing but the usual petty tory mythology of winners and losers and heroes and vagabonds. And all wrapped up in a cosy decorative style packed with lots of lovely squalor, darling! An introductory box of chocolates from the Big Society Bandwagon. (AKA Cutting with Conscience). Not a word of genuine political understanding, just party policy from a prospective tory MP. 

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