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Carpetbagger Cameron

Cameron arrives in Egypt to pontificate on democracy. With a pack of arms dealers in the shadows.
His worry is that, left to their own devices, the Egyptian people will not only reject autocratic rule by a solitary fall-guy, but also reject autocratic rule by the gaggle of corporate crackpots who create and protect dictators in the first place.
I think the memories of the Egyptian people are longer than he realises, and their sacrifices much deeper and creative than he can ever understand.
Our involvement with dictators is extremely embarrassing. Even more so after Cameron's shameless carpetbagging trip yesterday. 'Building blocks of democracy' my arse. Slipping an early bung under the table more like. 'You scratch my back, know what I mean?' 
To Cameron, the basis of democracy is money, and plenty of it. The fact that money was also the basis of the dictatorship the Egyptian people have just overthrown seems to have escaped Cameron's Eton-brain. And makes him look ridiculous to all intelligent opinion, and brings Britain into disrepute. The Heroes of Tahrir Square must be gasping in disbelief and amusement at the sight of this appalling snurge lecturing them on freedom and its responsibilities.

Cameron's opportunism is truly shameless. Especially during the trials the Libyan people are now facing. But as one expat said last night:
'We all have families in Tripoli. And of course we don't want them to be hurt. But we would be proud if they were.'
How can any crackpot with scrambled egg on his hat think he can defeat such a spirit?
The choice for all newly empowered people is clear. Either to be led by the likes of David Cameron and Haliburton and BP into the same chaos Britain the rest of the Consumerist Paradise finds itself, or discover a new way, their way, based on mutal respect, co-operation and humanity. And no more warmongering billionaire dictators.
Meanwhile, the entire reactionary sect from Downing Street to the Tea Party has been the resolute enemy of the revolution. It has repeatedly tried to dampen the struggle for freedom by raising the constant spectre of global Jihad, which is dead. And by spewing the usual lies about the inevitable consequences of 'Mob Rule'.
They know that the new political consciousness is a threat to their natural deference to authority, and they hate it. They won't be protesting outside Downing Street this afternoon in support of Libyan martyrs because they believe that protest never works and always ends in violence, chaos and anarchy. There is no such thing as progress, and all humans are just brute beasts divided into hunter and hunted.
The revolution is proving all these superstitions wrong. And reactionaries everywhere are crapping themselves just as much as the Oil-Sheiks on their golden toilets.

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  1. If he wasn't working as a sales rep for weapons manufactures and oil companies, his visit would get as much attention as a visit by the King of Tonga.


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