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Shithole, USA.

The collective mental collapse of US society is sad to watch, but not surprising.
The mere fact that the timid Obama can be even lightly scented by the word 'socialism' shows the depth of their psychosis and fear. Not to mention their unfathomable ignorance. All desirable skills for a resurgent fascist movement, which of course is what we are seeing in the US, in a classic form, if updated and remodelled by its time and technology into the 'Tea Party' and Fox News. The jackboots are gone, but the same raving paranoia and fantasy utopias (past and future) are still there.
It's for sane America to sort out these casualties of Consumerism, but not by electing them to office to paralyse government for two years, which is what they seem to be doing. And the last thing America needs, of course, is more of the same Consumerist medicine which made it sick in the first place. That would also be insane. At the moment, America has its head in the gas oven.
All the world can hope is that the US can somehow reconcile its traumatic, crippling past with the crisis it is now undergoing, and come out a healed society, where everyone counts. If America can manage it, there are no excuses for any other country.
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  1. Anonymous8:01 pm

    I stumbled across you reading The Guardian. You clearly are a moron.

  2. What were you doing reading the Guardian? Looking for Reds to tell the committee about? They abolished it in 1975.

  3. Why would the world hope for us, the holding on to a system (printed in to them by their fathers) you, watch out for the Russian, and the politic system.
    So instead you went the other way, a system all know it cant last, only as long you can expand, only as long you can use other countrys people and take everything they have, only as long you can use others and couse missery and war all over the globe, just so you can have your lifestyle.
    Why dont start a war somwhere, its god for your economy, have you run out of excuses and easy countrys to start a war with.
    Its a god thing if you go under, if your system goes under, its an stupid sysrem, its only god for the few people with mony, you the one you vote for and listen to, and printed in that komunism is bad, lok at russia, thats just stupid, its a better system and you sure dont even know what it is,
    its bad for the one you vote for but god for if it works.
    Russia had a stupid president and so had kina, but also germany with your system, you dont get that do you, its the people your morons, not rhe system, but yours must fail soner or later, the one you vote for know this, but they hold on to it as long as they can, they making mony out of it and make you look like fools, and you are, you vote for the same every time, and they take all your mony, still you listen to them and vote for them.
    oo you dont have any one else to vote for, how did that happen, so you are not free, I think it was the one with the mony making sure of that.
    And now they sell you to china, the one you hate you know, and you dont own anything, only a big, big bill to pay, but hey its a great system, right, morons.
    You can complin to my spelling if you like, and make that your biggest problem, but it dont help you much, china is not your enemy and not russia, its the one in the white house your morons


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