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No Scab Labour

As they have threatened, the government is to use forced-labour to destroy jobs, and destabilise the labour market even further. At the same time, this will turn neighbour against neighbour. So that the unemployed nurse working for nothing at the local school will feel compelled to inform on the long-term unemployed husband of the unemployed teacher doing voluntary work at the hospital. This is the Big Society in action.
Given that this measure is totally immoral and insane, all unions should declare strike action in any borough which uses it. There will be no bins collected. No streets swept.
Along with its Enforced Eviction Policy, this further vicous attack on those least responsible for the recession surrenders the 'moral high ground' as effectively as the Israeli Air Force, and delivers a clear chance for decisive, collective, moral  action. A golden opportunity not to be missed if the Condem sabotage of society and social values is to be mitigated in any way, and if we are to learn the lessons of history.

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